Baraza Media Lab

Strengthening Kenya’s media ecosystem

Luminate launched the Baraza Media Lab in Nairobi to promote a strong and diverse media ecosystem in Kenya. 

In recognition of the need for Kenyan media independence and sustainability, Baraza is a new and exciting space for networking, collaboration, and experimentation among media practitioners in Kenya — not only journalists, but also bloggers, writers, artists, filmmakers, cartoonists, social media experts, technologists, and other cross-disciplinary collaborators. 

Baraza is a space that will support independent media in Kenya capturing the essence of what it means to be Kenyan, imagining a better future and building a community of like-minded media practitioners committed to acting in the public interest.

The lab will work in conjunction with entrepreneurial networking company Mettā and other local partners to help grow professional networks within the media and provide support and resources to strengthen the calibre of regional media.