"Organization name","Primary impact area","Geographic focus",Year,Status,Type,"Amount committed (US$)","Funding purpose","Investment Description" "Africa Check","Data & Digital Rights",Africa,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,64952,Other,"This Project Funding will support the Digital Africa Research Lab in addressing the threat posed by the misuse of social media in the 2019 Nigerian general election and post-election period." "Aspen Kyiv Institute","Financial Transparency","Eastern Europe",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,240000,"Project Grant","The grant supports the Good Governance Program of the Aspen Kyiv Institute, a non-partisan organisation that facilitates dialogue and mutual understanding among Ukrainian leaders to promote value-based leadership, a culture of dialogue, and discussion of policy and good society fundamentals." "BBC Media Action","Independent Media",Global,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,200000,Other,"Scoping study to assess viability of a global bilateral capital pooling mechanism for independent media in emerging markets" "Change.org Argentina",Other,"Latin America",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,68200,Other,"This is rapid response grant to Change.org Argentina to develop an online platform to provide citizens with opportunities for civic engagement and interaction with candidates during the seven-month runway to the elections in Argentina." "Civic Hall Labs","Civic Empowerment","North America",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,450000,"General Funding Grant","Civic Hall Labs is moving into 6 floors of a new building in Union Square. This planning grant would support the team in developing the following; 1) Strategy and Vision for the Org; 2) DEI planning; 3) Capital Campaign planning; and 4) Human Centered Design for the physical space." "International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)","Independent Media","Latin America",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,459864,"Project Grant","This is a project grant to SembraMedia and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) to support the establishment of Velocidad, a media accelerator that provides capacity building and financing to independent for-profit and non-profit media organisations in Latin America. " "Kyiv Smart City","Data & Digital Rights","Eastern Europe",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,260000,"Project Grant","This project grant will support Kyiv Smart City in incorporating AI systems into Kyiv administration resources as well as initiating dialogue on AI usage in Ukraine." MAFINDO,"Data & Digital Rights","Southeast Asia",2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,50793,Other,"Rapid response grant to an Indonesia non-profit organization to enable them to do social media monitoring and platform-focused advocacy during the period leading up to and after the Indonesian election." "Media Legal Defence Intiative (MLDI)","Independent Media",Global,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1250000,"General Funding Grant","This is a grant to MLDI over three years to promote core organizational health/growth." "Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)","Financial Transparency",Global,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,2300000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal general operating support grant to the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving countries' governance over their natural resources to promote sustainable and inclusive development." "New Venture Fund","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,400000,"Project Grant","This grant supports a new civil society organization, Digital Action, to support partner organizations in countries around the world to identify and mitigate technology-based vulnerabilities for impending elections, and to build strategic coalitions to push for reforms that will build resilient democracies into the future." "Public and Private Development Centre (PPDC)","Financial Transparency",Africa,2019,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,900000,"General Funding Grant","This core grant will support PPDC's work on Open Contracting with State governments in Nigeria and enable them to continue to build take-up and usage of Open Contracting information for accountability." "Unite US","Civic Empowerment","North America",2019,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Unite US is raising a Series B investment to continue to scale the platform to reach more customers in more verticals and geographies." "Access Now","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,851305,"General Funding Grant","This is a grant to Access Now, an organisation that defends and extends the digital rights of users at risk around the world. It specifically supports both its Digital Security Helpline, a resource offering real time, direct technical assistance and advice to users at risk around the world, and the work of Access Now Europe." amaBhungane,"Independent Media",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,225000,"General Funding Grant","The amaBhungane Centre for Investigative Journalism is a non-profit investigative journalism organization that works to promote a free, capable media and an open, accountable, just democracy. This is a core grant to support their ongoing work to hold power to account." amandla.mobi,"Civic Empowerment",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,250000,"General Funding Grant","amandla.mobi empowers citizens to initiate both online campaigns and offline advocacy to protest for a more just society and take co-ordinated, strategic action. This is a core grant to support the organisation's growth." "American Immigration Council",Other,"North America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"Project Grant","This grant supports the American Immigration Council's Justice Campaign in building a network of pro-bono lawyers to provide services to people in geographically isolated detention centers in the Unites States." "Association for Computing Machinery","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"Program Grant","This grant supports the Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency, a project of ACM. This multi-disciplinary conference brings together researchers and practitioners interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in socio-technical systems." "Avina Americas","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,700000,"Project Grant","This is a project grant to Avina Americas to support the establishment of a three-year collaborative regranting mechanism (called Initiativa por los Derechos Digital en Latinoamerica - Indela) envisioned to strengthen and further develop the digital rights ecosystem in Latin America." "Black Stripe Foundation","Civic Empowerment",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,331000,"Project Grant","The Big Debate is a town-hall debate show broadcast on national TV in South Africa, produced by the Black Stripe Foundation. This grant is to support season 10 of the show. The Big Debate provides a forum for constructive collective discussion of important and topical events in South Africa by bringing together a wide range of different perspectives." "Center for Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL)",Other,Multi-Country,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1306024,"Program Grant","This renewal grant to the Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL) at Stanford will continue funding for two programs - ON Leadership Forum (ONLF) and Leadership Academy for Development (LAD) – and will include support for a new program called the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program. CDDRL’s programs have facilitated the training of mid-career professionals and leaders on building the capacity for democracy reform in emerging countries, and therefore is directly relevant to GCE work. This grant will allow the center to bring together all three program networks (currently 1,115 individuals) to further strengthen the alumni community, create new curriculum in policy reform, and to expand access by making the content remotely accessible using technology." Chequeado,"Independent Media","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,680000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Chequeado to advance its fact-checking efforts in Latin America through automation, content distribution, and data literacy programs." "Code for America (CfA)","Civic Empowerment","North America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,4000000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to Code for America, an organization that seeks to transform city governments across America by enlisting the nation's most promising developers to apply their skills to civic problems." Correctiv,"Independent Media","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,749500,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Correctiv, an independent, non-profit media organisation in Germany that investigates injustices and abuses of power, and runs educational programs on journalism and media literacy." "Data and Society Research Institute","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,4500000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to support Data & Society, a research institute focussed on the social and cultural issues arising from data-centric technological development." "Democracy Works","Civic Empowerment","North America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,585000,"Project Grant","This grant supports Democracy Works' Lab, an innovation arm in service to the wider civic engagement sector." "Finance Uncovered","Financial Transparency",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"General Funding Grant","Finance Uncovered is a Follow-the-Money organization and is part of the Global Investigative Journalism Network. The small team organizes 2 trainings for journalists every year, with A-list investigators sharing their techniques and tools for following the money. Finance Uncovered also works on a series of stories and investigations on corruption, money laundering, kleptocracy, shady deals and contracts, etc. They have completed impressive and impactful investigations on JP Morgan, MTN, Ugandan blood diamonds, and more." "Financial Transparency Coalition (FTC)","Financial Transparency",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,850000,"Project Grant","FTC is a global civil society coalition comprised of the pioneering organisations in the area of transparency of financial flows and tax. Since its founding in 2009, the FTC has been the forum through which these leading experts have collaborated and coordinated efforts around the world to successfully i) introduce the concept of financial flows’ secrecy and opacity to the world, ii) educate governments, the public and private interests about how illicit financial flows undermine global development efforts, and iii) drive the adoption of international measures to break the cycle. In less than ten years, the issue has moved from complete obscurity to a central focus of the global development agenda, and the FTC has been a primary catalyst for that momentum." "Freedom Voices Network","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,314000,"General Funding Grant","Forbidden Stories (formerly Freedom Voices Network) publishes the work of journalists that have been imprisoned or harmed. It aims to keep important investigative journalism stories alive." "Full Fact","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,300000,"Project Grant","Grant to support research on fact-checking formats" "Full Fact","Independent Media","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,950000,"General Funding Grant","Full Fact is UK's premiere organization focused on checking facts, serving politicians, media, and citizens." "Georgetown University",Other,Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,200000,"Project Grant","This is a grant to support a research project that will evaluate how administrative and political devolution can improve accountability, foster the provision of local public goods and services, and promote citizen engagement in sub-national governance to overcome unequal development and allocation of resources between counties in Kenya." "Global Disinformation Index","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,600000,"General Funding Grant","Grant to support technology development of algorithms to calculate probability of misinformation underlying the Global Disinformation Index" "Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT)","Financial Transparency",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"Program Grant","This is a grant to support the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT), a muti-stakeholder programme of the International Budget Partnership addressing challenges in fiscal transparency and participation." "Global Witness","Financial Transparency",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,4000000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant for unrestricted funds to Global Witness." IDFI,"Financial Transparency","Eastern Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,390000,"Project Grant","This is a grant to The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information to support the 3G project: Good Governance for Georgia." "Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos (ILDA)","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,561610,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to support ILDA expand its work on open data through applied research, experimental pilots, and agenda building." "Journalism Development Network","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,800000,"Program Grant","OCCRP is an internationally renowned investigative journalism nonprofit focussed on organized crime and corruption." "Katiba Institute",Other,Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,900000,"General Funding Grant","Katiba Institute uses the constitution as an instrument to achieve the rule of law, greater respect for human rights, more transparent and accountable leadership, good governance, and eventually a more just society in Kenya. This is a core grant to support their work on improving citizens' access to information and ability to hold those in power accountable through the courts." Liberty,"Data & Digital Rights","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Liberty to support and expand the organisation's capability, particularly around privacy, surveillance, and data protection and their relationship to human rights." "Media Monitoring Africa","Independent Media",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,330000,"General Funding Grant","MMA is a non-profit organisation that promotes democracy and a culture where media and the powerful respect human rights and encourage a just and fair society. MMA acts in a watchdog role to promote ethical and fair journalism that supports human rights." "Mozilla Foundation","Data & Digital Rights","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,752140,"Project Grant","This grants supports the Mozilla Foundation to conduct public campaigns and coalition building in key EU member states and to partner with Global Progress to promote a policy agenda that defends democracy from digital threats (disinformation, hate speech, cyber-attack, etc)." "New Media Ventures Innovation Fund","Civic Empowerment","North America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,Other,"New Media Ventures (NMV) is a seed fund and angel network investing in media and technology startups that support advocacy movements, create new narratives, and drive civic engagement. This investment supports NMV in financing early-stage, for-profit and nonprofit startups with seed funding ($50-250K)." "New York University","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1240000,Other,"Fund run by NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute's Membership Puzzle Project to identify and incubate innovative early-stage membership models globally" Nexo,"Independent Media","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,920000,"General Funding Grant","Nexo is a Brazilian award-winning, digital-only independent media start-up that quickly established itself as one of the most influential independent media vehicles in Brazil. They are driven by the goal of strengthening citizenship and democracy through high quality information and data, and champion the idea that respectful public debate is possible and important. With solid growth rates (expecting to reach break-even in the second half of 2019), they have a business model that does not include advertising, with revenue coming from subscriptions, educational materials, consultancy, licensing of technology and courses. ON’s support would put Nexo in a notably better position to play an important role in a critical political moment for the country, and it would also help them further develop their business as editorial operations are now consolidated. More specifically, our proposed funding would allow them to: - Invest in marketing strategies to boost audience and subscriptions growth - Further develop strategies for revenue generation that go beyond subscriptions - Have flexibility to run innovative projects with strong potential to both deliver significant positive impact and bring new readers/customers - Fully implement an ambitious project related to the 2018 Elections which will mix in-depth reporting and analysis, political education, and debates that bring together the voices of several key political actors" Nossas,"Civic Empowerment","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This core grant renewal seeks to support Nossas in scaling and refining their Civic Empowerment model." "Open Secrets","Financial Transparency",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,185000,"General Funding Grant","Open Secrets is a non-profit organisation which exposes and builds accountability for private sector economic crimes through investigative research, advocacy, and the law. This core grant will support Open Secrets to continue and expand their work to hold private sector companies accountable for economic crimes that result in human rights violations." "Paris Peace Forum","Data & Digital Rights",Multi-Country,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,590000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to the Paris Peace Forum, which is an organisation combining an annual event with support through the year to demonstrate that international cooperation is key to tackling global challenges." "Partnership on AI","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This grant suppports Partnership on AI, a multistakeholder organisation that brings together academics, researchers, civil society organizations, companies building and utilising AI technology, and other groups working to better understand AI’s impacts." "Quebrando o Tabú","Independent Media","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,240000,Other,"Quebrando o Tabú is a Brazilian, social-first independent media outlet, which covers issues of policy/politics and human rights." Raheem.ai,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,345000,"Project Grant","This grant supports civic tech startup Raheem.ai, a project of Fast Forward, in collecting and publishing data about interactions with police in the U.S. that local organizations, lawmakers, and police departments can use to better support their communities." "Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D)","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,420000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to support R3D in continuing to build evidence-based approaches to defend human rights in the digital realm." "Sundance Institute","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,900000,"Project Grant","Sundance Institute is the premiere non-profit organization supporting independent storytelling in the world. Sundance empowers film makers by supporting them with grants, resources, and relationship and knowledge networks. These Sundance grants are vital to create a thriving independent storytelling sector free from the commercial pressures of the market." "Swish Labs","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,48000,Other,"This agreement funds specialized engineering and design services from Swish Labs, delivered to Robhat Labs, which is building a user-facing software that detects and labels automated and spam accounts on Twitter." "The Bureau of Investigative Journalism","Independent Media","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,900000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism to support their impactful journalism and investigations. They hold power to account through in-depth reporting and a mission to uncover the truth." "The Correspondent","Independent Media",Global,2018,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"The Correspondent is the international expansion of the Dutch membership-based journalism model, De Correspondent." "The Democratic Society (Demsoc)","Civic Empowerment","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,750000,"Project Grant","This grant supports the 'Public Square' project, a partnership between the Democratic Society and mySociety to develop and build consensus around the case for common social and technological infrastructure to support citizen participation in the democratic process at local and regional level in the UK." "The Ferret","Independent Media","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,100000,Other,"This funding provides project support to The Ferret, an award-winning independent media cooperative based in Scotland." "The Open Trust","Independent Media","Western Europe",2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,350000,"Program Grant","This is a grant to The Open Trust, in particular to support the investigations and output of openDemocracyUK." "The University of Oxford Development Trust","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,999127,"Program Grant","This is a grant to the University of Oxford to support the Oxford Internet Institute's Computational Propaganda Programme. The programme investigates the interaction of algorithms, automation and politics." "University of the Witwatersrand Foundation","Civic Empowerment",Africa,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,215000,"Program Grant","This is a grant to support the Civic Tech Innovation Network (CTIN) hosted at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. CTIN is a community of practice and a learning network of civic tech practitioners in South Africa, currently hosted as a program of the Journalism and Media Department." Upturn,"Data & Digital Rights",Global,2018,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,750000,"General Funding Grant","This grant supports Upturn, an organisation that promotes equity and justice in the design, governance, and use of digital technology." Zenysis,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2018,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Zenysis is a technology company dedicated to building the powerful, collaborative software that governments and international organizations need to confront the greatest challenges facing humanity. Zenysis' Series A allows the company to continue to expand its platform and customer bases globally." "Africa Check","Independent Media",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,80000,"One-Off Funding Grant","Africa Check is a non-profit, non-partisan fact checking group established in June 2012 with the aim of improving the quality of news and information in Africa. This is a network grant to support their collaboration with other Luminate investees." "Africa Check","Independent Media",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Africa Check to enable them to expand their impact in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. Africa Check is a non-profit, non-partisan fact checking group established in June 2012 with the aim of improving the quality of news and information in Africa." "Campaign Bootcamp","Civic Empowerment","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Campaign Bootcamp, which aims to provide people with the skills, confidence, and community necessary to run effective campaigns." "Center on Privacy and Technology","Data & Digital Rights","North America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,600000,"Project Grant","Founded in 2014, the Center was established to bridge gaps between the academy and policymakers –and between lawyers and technologists." "Center on Technology and Society",Other,"North America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1450000,"Program Grant","The Center aims to be a resource to tech platforms to identify cyberhate problems and develop proactive solutions, producing cutting-edge research to enable online civility, protection of vulnerable populations, digital citizenship, and youth engagement. The CTS is a project of ADL, and builds off ADL's experience in tracking hate against marginalized groups." "Connected Development (CODE)","Financial Transparency",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,450000,"General Funding Grant","Connected Development (CODE) is a non-profit organisation focused on tracking funds spent by government and donors in Nigeria and advocating for responsible execution of the intended projects. They respond to community requests to track spending on projects in local communities, investigate, file Freedom of Information requests and generate advocacy and publicity campaigns online and offline based on their findings through their Follow the Money project. This is core grant to the organisation." "Digital Freedom Fund (DFF)","Data & Digital Rights","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"General Funding Grant","This grant supports the Digital Freedom Fund, a non-profit fund that supports partners in Europe to advance digital rights through strategic litigation." "Directorio Legislativo","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,235795,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to support Directorio Legislativo through a process to more fully apply civic technology and open data into their parliamentary openness work." DoSomething.org,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,4000000,"General Funding Grant","DoSomething.org (DS) is the largest member organization for young people and social change in the world." Elucd,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2017,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Elucd enables cities to measure how residents feel and prioritize fixing what isn't working." "ePanstwo Foundation (ePF)","Civic Empowerment","Eastern Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,400000,"General Funding Grant","The core grant supports the Fundacja ePaństwo which aims to aim is to develop democracy, open and transparent authorities, and civic engagement." "Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,10000000,"Program Grant","This grant supports the establishment of a non-profit fund, the Ethics and Governance of AI Fund, a programme of the Miami Foundation. The Fund has been set up with initial support from Knight Foundation, Luminate (when operating as Omidyar Network), Reid Hoffman, Hewlett Foundation and Jim Pallota. It aims to develop a shared understanding of ethical considerations and the societal impacts of AI and machine learning by supporting efforts to bridge gaps among the humanities, law and governance, social sciences, computing, and engineering." "GFF (Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte)","Data & Digital Rights","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,250000,"General Funding Grant","This grant supports Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrecht, an organisation undertaking strategic litigation to support human and civil rights, with a focus on digital rights." Grassroot,"Civic Empowerment",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,180000,"General Funding Grant","Grassroot is a non-profit organisation whose mobile tools enable ordinary people in communities across South Africa to organise groups, meetings, and events - using any mobile phone - which eliminate the transaction costs of collective action. This is a core grant to support the expansion of their work." "Institute for Strategy and Policy",Other,"Southeast Asia",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,263158,"Program Grant","This grant supports Institute for Strategy and Policy, a leading think tank in Myanmar, to support their research on Myanmar's political reforms, community outreach, and capacity building programs." "Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro (ITS)","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,575000,"General Funding Grant","This core grant seeks to support ITS Rio in implementing data activities including work on blockchain, on algorithmic accountability and open data." "Instituto Igarapé","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,810000,"Program Grant","The Igarapé Institute is a think and do tank committed to safety, security and justice with operations across Latin America and Africa. The Institute advances five core programming areas – citizen security, cyber security, drug policy, safe cities, and building sustainable peace – together with a focus on data and civic tech development." "International Budget Partnership (IBP)","Financial Transparency",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,765000,"Program Grant","This grant supports IBP's Kenya and South Africa country programmes." "International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)","Independent Media",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,4500000,"General Funding Grant","ICIJ is an investigative reporting enterprise and network of journalists and media outlets. It began 19 years ago as a project of The Center for Public Integrity in Washington DC. As ICIJ has grown, it has become more service-oriented and is the only global organization of its kind. To enable ICIJ to build on the success of PanamaPapers and fully explore growth opportunities, it will transition to being an independent organization, first working through a new fiscal sponsor and afterwards as a full- fledged non-profit organization." "Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)","Independent Media",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1650000,"Program Grant","The Media Development Investment Fund provides financial and venture support to independent media organisations all over the world." "More in Common",Other,"Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1800000,"Project Grant","This is a grant to support More in Common, an organisation which aims to build communities and societies that are stronger, more united, and more resilient to the increasing threats of polarisation and social division." "Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA)","Financial Transparency","Southeast Asia",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,368421.05,"Program Grant","This is a grant to support MATA to further promote better natural resource governance in Myanmar through the EITI process." NextRequest,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2017,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"NextRequest streamlines the public records request process with a user-friendly, cloud-supported digital portal that makes it easier for civil servants to respond to the public." "Open Contracting Partnership","Financial Transparency",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1850000,"Program Grant","This grant renewal supports the Open Contracting Partnership to continue advancing work globally to make public procurement more transparent and effective." "Open Data Charter","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"Project Grant","This is a renewal grant to support the Open Data Charter, a project of the Fund for the City of New York. The Open Data Charter is a collaboration between governments and organisations working to open up data based on a shared set of Principles." "Open Data Institute (ODI)","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,2500000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to support Open Data Institute, an organisation that works with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem, where people can make better decisions using data and manage any harmful impacts." "Open Society Foundation","Financial Transparency","Eastern Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,290000,"Project Grant","The project grant supports OSF in developing an open-data e-platform for information on natural resources management and the environment in Ukraine." OpenUp,"Civic Empowerment",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,900000,"General Funding Grant","This grant will provide funding to Open Up to scale its work and assist local municipalities in narrowing the gap between government and citizens." PODER,"Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,385000,"Program Grant","This is a grant to support PODER’s Transparency Technologies program to expand its work in open contracting and beneficial ownership, whistleblowing and whistleblower protection, and digital security." "Pop Culture Collaborative",Other,"North America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"Project Grant","The Pop Culture Collaborative is committed to the advancement of just, authentic narratives of immigrants, communities of color, women, LGBTQ, and Muslims in pop culture with the purpose of creating a more equitable society. This grant supports the Collaborative in regranting to content creators, culture change strategists, and advocacy groups; sponsor audience engagement evaluation research; and grow the pop culture for social change field through convenings, events, and immersive learning sessions for practitioners and philanthropists." "Poynter Institute","Independent Media",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"Program Grant","The Poynter Institute for Media Studies is a school that promotes independent journalism in the public interest. For 41 years, Poynter has served the public by teaching journalists the reporting, writing and editing skills that equip them for their important work. Poynter’s teaching and thought leadership fall into five categories: storytelling, leadership, ethics, innovation and fact-checking. This grant will support Poynter's fact-checking network." "Publish What You Pay (PWYP)","Financial Transparency",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1140000,"General Funding Grant","This is an unrestricted core grant to Publish What You Pay (PWYP), the global coalition of civil society organizations striving for an open and accountable extractives sector. The grant will support the work of the international secretariat." "Publish What You Pay (PWYP)","Financial Transparency",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,940000,"Project Grant","This grant supports PWYP's campaign for strong and coherent policy regimes and implementation for the mandatory disclosure of extractive companies' payments to governments. This campaign is targeted on key jurisdictions, including the EU, Canada, US, Australia and South Africa." "Reporters Without Borders","Independent Media",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1000000,"Project Grant","RSF is a 30-year old Paris-based organisation that has relentlessly pursued a strategy to date of protecting freedom of the press worldwide by protecting the safety and security of journalists operating in threatening regimes.Going forward, in recognition of a changing global political landscape and the increasing urgency and importance around protecting journalists and press freedom, RSF is looking to revamp each of these pillars. Pertinently for the purposes of this invesment, they will entirely revamp and restructure their correspondent network and incubate new investigative projects like Freedom Voices." SocialBoost,"Civic Empowerment","Eastern Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,476090,"Project Grant","The grant supports establishing 1991 Civic Centre in Kyiv." "Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP)","Financial Transparency",Africa,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,240000,"General Funding Grant","This is a two -year core grant to support SERAP to build awareness around the Freedom of Information Act in Nigeria, to support citizens and civil society to make use of it, and to conduct strategic litigation to build jurisprudence around the right of the public to access information." "Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV)","Data & Digital Rights","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1425000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to Stiftung Neue Verantwortung to support research and policy development on technology issues including data governance, fake news, and surveillance." "The AI Now Institute","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1500000,"Program Grant","This grant supports The AI Now Institute at New York University. The AI Now Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to understanding the social implications of artificial intelligence across four key domains: rights and liberties, labour and automation, bias and inclusion, and safety and critical infrastructure." "The Bristol Cable","Independent Media","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,275000,"Project Grant","This grant provides project support to The Bristol Cable, an independent media cooperative in Bristol that is redefining media ownership and providing impactful journalism that holds power to account." "The Federation","Civic Empowerment","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,940000,"Project Grant","This grant supports the Co-op Foundation's project at The Federation (Federation House in Manchester), an open community and hub run by the Co-op Group. It provides co-working space and venture support to digital social enterprises and an events programme." "Transparencia Mexicana","Financial Transparency","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,912507,"Program Grant","The proposed project grant to Transparency Mexicana would provide support to advance anti-corruption efforts in Latin America of the Transparency International Chapters in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil." "Transparency & Accountability Initiative (TAI)",Other,Global,2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,500000,"Program Grant","This grant supports the Transparency & Accountability Initiative, a donors collaborative including Luminate, Open Society Foundations, Hewlett Foundation, Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and DFID." "Transparency International EU","Financial Transparency","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,300000,"Project Grant","This grant supports the policy and advocacy work of Transparency International EU on country-by-country reporting on corporate tax and the strengthening of corporate accountability standards." "Transparency International UK (TI-UK)","Financial Transparency","Western Europe",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,660000,"Project Grant","This renewal grant supports the policy and advocacy work of TI-UK, building on the outcomes of the UK Anti-Corruption Summit to establish global standards on anti-corruption practices such as beneficial ownership transparency." "Unite US","Civic Empowerment","North America",2017,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Unite US designs, builds, and delivers the best-in-class collaboration and coordination software to streamline the delivery of health and human services." Wingu,"Civic Empowerment","Latin America",2017,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,742147,"General Funding Grant","This core grant seeks to support Wingu's general operation, with a particular focus on expansion and professionalization of tech engagement, civic impact, and experimentation with sustainability models." "Avina Americas","Civic Empowerment","Latin America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,2900000,"Program Grant","The Latin American Alliance for Civic Tech (ALTC), formerly known as the Latin American Civic Innovation Fund (LACIF), will seek to spur the development of the civic tech ecosystem in the region by 13-18 projects and platforms." BudgIT,"Financial Transparency",Africa,2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1500000,"General Funding Grant","Our grant to BudgIT will help the organization scale within Nigeria by expanding into Abuja to strengthen its work on institutional engagement, and also enable the organization to expand its team to execute on its 3-year goals and objectives." "Centre UA","Financial Transparency","Eastern Europe",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1400000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant to Centre UA, an advocacy centre in Ukraine that was founded in 2009 to promote European reforms, advocate transparency and accountability of the government, contribute to enhancing the quality of politics and policies, and fight for the freedom of speech." Change.org,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Change.org provides online and mobile solutions empowering individuals to initiate and win campaigns for social change." Citymart,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Citymart transforms the way cities solve problems, connecting them with new ideas through open challenges to entrepreneurs and citizens." "Civic Hall","Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a loan to support the launch of Civic Hall, a one-of-a-kind innovation center for civic tech innovators. Located in NYC, it provides a space to share knowledge, build tools and solve problems." "Civic Hall Labs","Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,2000000,"General Funding Grant","Civic Hall Labs is a research and design organization that brings together sector experts, the public, funders, data scientists, researchers, designers, technologists, media makers, community groups, and entrepreneurs to explore how the use of design, data, and technology can create scalable, sustainable solutions for the public good." Colab.re,"Civic Empowerment","Latin America",2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Colab.re is a Brazil-based civic tech platform that enhances governments' ability to engage and respond to their citizens." "Fundacion Ciudadanía Inteligente (FCI)","Civic Empowerment","Latin America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,495000,"General Funding Grant","This is a core grant renewal to support Fundacion Ciudadano Inteligente in amplifying its regional positioning, strengthening its operational team, and increasing citizens' engagement through the development of civic tech tools and platforms." "Fuse Corps","Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,3000000,"General Funding Grant","FUSE Corps helps urban communities by partnering with civic leaders to identify pressing strategic challenges and then recruit executive-level fellows to help design innovative solutions." "Hromadske TV","Independent Media","Eastern Europe",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1500000,"General Funding Grant","This is core support for Hromadske TV, an initiative of Ukrainian journalists that aims to provide unbiased, censor-free information on political, economic, cultural, and social events to Ukrainian citizens." "Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO)","Data & Digital Rights","Latin America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1050000,"General Funding Grant","This core grant renewal seeks to allow IMCO to continue successful work to enhance government transparency and citizen engagement in Mexico through programs such as “Mejora tu Escuela” (Improve your School) and 3de3." "Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF)","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,1500000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to Open Knowledge, a central player in the movement for open, useful information, which helps build communities of practice and tools to facilitate greater and more efficient publication and consumption of data." "Privacy International (PI)","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,2200000,"General Funding Grant","This is a general operating support grant to Privacy International, an organisation building a global movement for the rights of citizens to privacy, contesting growing state surveillance and challenging data exploitation." Purpose,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,175000,"Project Grant","As the civic tech movement continues to evolve, civic tech stakeholders require information about the shifting field to better inform policies, products, investments, and civic actions. In this project Purpose investigated the process by which technology becomes involved in civic institutions and civic institutions become involved in technology. They tracked the conversations, affiliations, actions, and media production and consumption of the people involved in creating civic technologies from 2013 to early 2015 to map out the relationships between civic technologists’ activities." "The B Team","Financial Transparency",Global,2016,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,980946,"Program Grant","The B Team believes that purely profit-driven business is not good for people and the planet, and cannot continue. Another way of doing business is possible and they are united in a commitment to a new path - a “Plan B” - that sees business and business leadership contributing to the well-being of the people and the planet, as well as generating wealth for shareholders. Our grant supports the Governance & Transparency program of the B Team." "Urban Innovation Fund","Civic Empowerment","North America",2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"A venture fund focused on identifying early-stage innovators disrupting entrenched industries, and providing them with the capital and regulatory expertise to scale into tomorrow’s most valued and impactful companies." "Where is my Transport","Civic Empowerment",Africa,2016,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Where Is My Transport Integrated mass transit solution for emerging markets, focused on providing public transport data and technologies that enrich services, empower people and enable innovation." "ccHub Growth Capital","Civic Empowerment",Africa,2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Fund investment to help drive CcHub's financial sustainability and seed innovation." HiviSasa,"Independent Media",Africa,2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a seed investment in HiviSasa.com, an online Kenyan newspaper that provides local, county level news tailored for the mobile web." NationBuilder,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a follow-on equity investment in NationBuilder, which provides an open and affordable Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform that allows leaders and communities to organize, rally supporters, and take action on the causes and issues that matter to them." "Open Government Partnership (OGP)",Other,Global,2015,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,3800000,"General Funding Grant","This is a renewal grant to the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to provide unrestricted funding to the OGP Support Unit. OGP is a multilateral initiative of 65 countries in which governments and civil society work together to develop ambitious open government implementation plans." SeeClickFix,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a Series A-1 to fund SeeClickFix, a company that enables citizens to report non-emergency issues, such as potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles or property, to their cities in order to improve service delivery and citizen engagement with local government." "The Governance Lab","Data & Digital Rights",Global,2015,"Current Investee",Non-Profit,100000,"One-Off Funding Grant","This is a funding to support GovLab in the research and production of 18 case studies on the impact of open data." "Unite US","Civic Empowerment","North America",2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a Series A funding in Unite US, an outcome-focused technology company that builds coordinated care networks of health and social service providers." Zenysis,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2015,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Zenysis is a technology company dedicated to building the powerful, collaborative software that governments and international organizations need to confront the greatest challenges facing humanity." Change.org,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2014,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Change.org is an online petition platform that empowers individuals to initiate and win campaigns for social change." Change.org,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2014,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a follow-on equity investment in Change.org, an online petition platform empowering individuals to initiate and win campaigns for social change." Change.org,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2014,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is an extension to the Series C round in Change.org, an online petition platform that empowers individuals to initiate and win campaigns for social change." NationBuilder,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2014,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a follow-on equity investment in NationBuilder, a software platform enabling leaders and communities to organise, rally supporters, and take action on causes and issues that matter to them." NewsDeeply,"Independent Media","North America",2014,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is a seed round to support NewsDeeply, a media organisation providing in-depth content on thematic topics." NationBuilder,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2013,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"This is an equity investment in NationBuilder, a software platform enabling leaders and communities to organise, rally supporters, and take action on causes and issues that matter to them." Change.org,"Civic Empowerment",Global,2012,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"Change.org is an online petition platform that empowers individuals to initiate and win campaigns for social change." "Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)","Independent Media",Global,2011,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"MDIF is a non-profit mission-driven investment fund that supports primarily for-profit independent news outlets in countries with a history of media oppression." SeeClickFix,"Civic Empowerment","North America",2010,"Current Investee",For-Profit,"For-profit figures not reported",,"SeeClickFix is a company that has created a web and mobile platform to enable citizens to report non-emergency issues, such as potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles or property, to their cities in order to improve service delivery and citizen engagement with local government."