"Organization name","Area of work","Geographic focus",Year,"Amount committed (US$)","Funding purpose","Investment Description" "Civic Hall Labs","Civic Empowerment","United States",2020,150000,"General Funding Grant","To assist Civic Hall in transitioning from a physical co-working space and programming to a virtual community." "Civic Hall Labs","Civic Empowerment","United States",2019,450000,"Program Grant","To support Civic Hall Labs, the non-profit R&D arm of Civic Hall" "Civic Hall","Civic Empowerment","United States",2016,"For-profit figures not reported",,"To support the launch of Civic Hall, a one-of-a-kind innovation center for civic tech innovators. Located in New York City, it provides a space to share knowledge, build tools, and solve problems." "Civic Hall Labs","Civic Empowerment","United States",2016,2000000,"General Funding Grant","To support Civic Hall Labs, a research and design organisation that brings together sector experts, the public, funders, data scientists, researchers, designers, technologists, media makers, community groups, and entrepreneurs to explore how the use of design, data, and technology can create scalable, sustainable solutions for the public good." "Civic Hall","Civic Empowerment","United States",2014,500000,"Program Grant","To support Personal Democracy Media in developing the Personal Democracy Center, which will be an accelerator / incubator in New York that supports civic start-ups and serves related purposes."