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Tracey  Austin



Tracey Austin

Managing Director, Investment Management and Chief Operating Officer

As part of her dual role, Tracey is the Managing Director of Investment Management and Luminate’s COO.  She guides our investment team, manages our investment portfolio, and is responsible for building Luminate’s finance and impact measurement functions. Based in London, she brings over 20 years of experience to her role.

Before joining Luminate, Tracey was the Global Head of Impact Investments at Palladium. Here, she built Palladium’s Impact Investing proposition and investment pipeline, focusing on emerging markets, and investing into West Africa. She also led the design impact investment platforms for key donors and multilateral investors.

Prior to this, Tracey worked at CDC Group. Here, she led their £75 million DFID Impact Fund, allocating capital to some of the first impact funds, and researched and co-authored their first frontier investment strategy. Tracey has previously worked as a principal at the hedge fund, BlueCrest Capital Management LLC, assuming interim CEO roles of mining companies, while divesting distressed mining assets in Australia and Colombia. Prior to this Tracey held key banking roles across Africa and the Middle East, specialising in natural resources and infrastructure.

Finally, Tracey is a founding member of Impact Investing South Africa and serves as a mentor to African entrepreneurs.