Partner Support

We help cultivate resilient, healthy, inclusive, and well-networked organisations

Partner Support is dedicated to building trust-based relationships between Luminate and its partner organisations. This involves not just backing the development of our partners’ initiatives but also supporting the organisations and their broader ecoystems.

Our commitment goes beyond grants and investments to help cultivate healthy, inclusive, and well-networked organisations. By collaborating with partners in fostering resilience amidst complex and shifting landscapes, we meet our portfolio organisations “where they are” to tackle challenges specific to their individual context.

Our approach

Partner Support is tailored to the needs of each programmatic area, but common areas of support include:

  • Board development and organisational governance
  • Communications
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice
  • Financial planning and financial systems
  • Fundraising and financial resilience
  • Leadership, management development, and transitions
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • People, culture, and wellbeing
  • Protection and security (digital, physical, psycho-social)
  • Strategic and organisational planning
  • Networking, conferences, and other capacity building

When we listen, we learn

That’s why Partner Support also creates avenues for our partners to share their perspectives and insights with us.

One way we do this is through the Grantee Perception Report (GPR) to help us understand our partners’ experiences working with Luminate. Commissioning independent assessments like the GPR help us hold ourselves accountable and continuously improve the ways in which we build partnerships.

We value our partners’ input and encourage feedback via [email protected].

Potencia: Providing beyond-the-grant support to partners in Latin America

Potencia, our bilingual Partner Support programme in Latin America, has strengthened 55 organisations working to increase civic and political participation in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Potencia creates spaces for connection and provides resources so that partners, in addition to focusing on their programmatic activities, can also build their organisational capacity to develop their teams, processes, and internal structures.