Our work

We support organisations and entrepreneurs working to enable people to participate in and shape the issues impacting society, and to hold those in power to account.

Our impact areas

We work with our partners to deliver impact in four areas that underpin strong societies: Civic Empowerment, Data & Digital Rights, Financial Transparency, and Independent Media. Our work in all these areas is focused on creating long-term change while remaining agile enough to respond to political and social shifts as they emerge.

Where we work

We focus our efforts on organisations working in countries where the need is most acute, where impacts can be shared across countries, where there are significant time-bound opportunities, and where the greatest impacts can be made. However, we do support organisations outside of our priority countries and regularly review emerging issues and opportunities that may require us to work in new areas.  We currently work in:

Argentina · Brazil · Colombia · France · Georgia · Germany · Indonesia · Kenya · Malaysia · Mexico · Nigeria · Poland · South Africa · United Kingdom · United States


We seed, incubate, and set up new initiatives and organisations that fill gaps, expand capacity, and accelerate work in the impact areas and regions in which we operate.