COVID-19: Supporting our Partners

As we continue to track and try to understand the implications of COVID-19, our focus is first and foremost on the role we must play to protect the collective health and safety of our staff, families, communities, partners, and those we seek to serve around the world.

We are taking this responsibility seriously and will operate with caution in order to minimise the spread and impact of the virus. We have already taken action to halt all staff travel both international and domestic, to support our staff to work from home for the foreseeable future, and to cancel, postpone, or look for virtual ways to participate in upcoming meetings and events.

We will endeavour to operate as normally as is possible and try to minimise any disruption to our partners. As new advice and information becomes available, we will review our responses to COVID-19 and will provide updates on any material changes.

While we are in a position to take these steps, we are aware that many of our partners might be less able to do the same due to the nature of their organisations and their work. We would ask that wherever possible you put the health and wellbeing of yourselves, your teams, and those around you first and take whatever actions you feel are appropriate.

Later this week, we will provide more specific information on the ways in which we will support our partners during these difficult times. In the meantime if you require immediate support or advice then please get in touch with your funding lead or primary contact at Luminate.

We hope that you all stay safe and healthy.

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