Join us at Sundance

Stories inform and influence how we see the world and make decisions. They can create empathy across difference, meaning out of disconnected data, and canvasses that compel us to reconsider our perspectives. 

We hope you'll join for sessions at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Thursday, January 20 at 9 PM EST

Panel hosted by The Latinx House: A Conversation with Dos Estaciones 

Luminate Director Felipe Estefan will introduce this panel on Dos Estaciones , which pays tribute to Mexico's artisanal tequila makers.  The film is part of the World Cinema Dramatic Competition and will premiere at Sundance on January 24 at 2 PM EST.

Saturday, January 22 from 12-1 PM EST

Panel hosted by Luminate: Reimagining Democracy through Film

Democracy around the world is under threat. Voting rights are being obstructed at every turn. Journalists, filmmakers and activists are being attacked. Far too many lack basic human rights and protections. 

How can film shed a light on injustice while engaging us in the process to build a more inclusive world? How can artists and activists work together to drive civic engagement? How can film inspire us to reimagine a democracy that works for all?

  • Snow Hnin Ei Hlaing - Director, Midwives 
  • Bob Moore - Producer, Midwives 
  • Jonas Poher Rasmussen - Director, Flee 
  • Txai Suruí - Executive Producer, The Territory 
  • Felipe Estefan - Executive Producer, The Territory (Moderator)

Saturday, January 22 at 8:15 PM EST

Film: The Territory

The Territory is a feature documentary following the Uru-eu-wau-wau Indigenous Surveillance Team as they defend their land against a network of Brazilian farmers intent on colonizing their protected territory. The film draws on intimate access to both the Indigenous community and the opposing farmers network, to track the enormous changes and violence in the Amazon over the past three years. The fight for survival forces Bitate and Neidinha - a young Indigenous leader and his female mentor – to find new ways to protect the rainforest from the encroaching invaders.

Luminate is proud to support the production of The Territory.