Luminate appoints Toyin Akinniyi as Vice President, Africa


Luminate is proud to announce that Toyin Akinniyi has been promoted to Vice President, Africa. Toyin will lead the team working on initiatives in Africa to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in civic and political life, to ensure that those who challenge power can do so safely and effectively, and to improve access to accurate, trustworthy information.

Since joining Luminate in 2020, Toyin has held several roles, most recently as director of the Africa team. “We are delighted to promote Toyin into this role,” said Luminate CEO Stephen King. “Toyin contributed to Luminate’s regional strategy development, and has grown Luminate’s visibility and influence on the continent, by identifying, evaluating, and onboarding several new opportunities and partners.” 

She plays a key role in funder collaborative efforts geared at strengthening youth civic participation such as the Nigeria Youth Futures Fund, and a Joint Civic Defence Fund for improving the civic space.

“I am excited about this opportunity to lead Luminate’s work in Africa,” said Toyin Akinniyi. “I envision an Africa where everyone can safely influence the decisions that affect their lives. We will work with our partners and stakeholders to dismantle barriers to participation, amplify diverse voices, and promote more inclusive democratic governance.”

Under Toyin’s leadership, Luminate will continue to support work on youth and women’s political leadership and efforts to improve democratic governance in Africa, including through protection of the civic space and by strengthening the media in Africa. Luminate remains committed to investing more in partnerships and narratives that support inclusive governance and healthy information ecosystems.

Toyin joins Luminate’s Leadership Team which is led by CEO Stephen King and consists of Felipe Estefan (Vice President, Latin America), Shaila Gupta (Vice President, Finance & Operations), Melanie Hui (Vice President, Asia), Claire Davis (Vice President, People, Culture & Global Support), Juana Kweitel (Vice President, Global Programmes), and Martin Tisné (Vice President, Luminate Strategic Initiatives).