Opinion & analysis
By Stephen King

Respect the process, count every vote: a statement from Stephen King

Following unprecedented levels of organising and activism leading up to Election Day, over 100 million Americans, including youth and traditionally underreached communities, have made their voices heard and have voted to elect the next president of the United States. 

Understandably, given the record level of participation it may take a few days or even weeks for all the votes to be counted so patience will be required. This clearly shows that the electoral process is working as it should, but it must be respected and allowed the time required to produce an accurate outcome. Sadly, the president has already rushed to falsely announce victory and make unfounded accusations of fraud. This behaviour shows the utmost disrespect for everyone who has cast their vote or who has worked to ensure that polling runs smoothly and safely, and a flagrant disregard for democracy and the rule of law. The candidates have had the chance to make their cases; now it is time for them to wait, respect the democratic process, and listen to the will of the American people.

We remain confident in the integrity of the election. Whatever the outcome, Luminate will continue to work with our partners in the United States, and around the world, to empower people to participate in and shape the issues affecting their lives. We remain committed to making those in power more transparent, responsive, and accountable; removing barriers to civic participation; and protecting the rights of marginalised and immigrant communities.  

As we enter this new period of uncertainty, we remain dedicated to the principles embedded in our work to support people and institutions to create just and fair societies. While it is likely that there will be more challenges to face before the outcome is known, the electoral system is resilient, and the dedicated officials tasked to run it are prepared to meet those challenges. We must all continue to support them as they ensure that all parties adhere to the rule of law, wait for all votes to be counted, and honour the eventual result.