Statement on report from The House of Lords Select Committee on Communications

The House of Lords Select Committee on Communications released its report, 'Regulating in a Digital World', documenting its conclusions from the inquiry begun in 2018.  We applaud the work of the Committee.  Its conclusions are consistent with Luminate’s Digital Democracy Charter and Action Plan, published in late 2018. 

Statement from Ben Scott, Director of Policy & Advocacy:

'There is an emerging consensus in government, a rarity these days, that protecting the public from harm in the digital age requires new rules of the road for the technology industry.  This report from the House of Lords reinforces the findings of the two inquiries recently concluded in the House of Commons. They form a clarion call for action.  Today’s marketplace has no effective means to stop the exploitation of children, to curb the covert organisation of conspiracies to hijack the public debate, or to ensure the privacy and security of personal data. The UK government is stepping forward to present a new vision for transparency, responsibility, and accountability in digital markets.'