Welcoming Tabitha Goldstaub to Luminate's Board of Directors


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tabitha Goldstaub to Luminate's Board of Directors. 

Tabitha is a prominent advisor to government, civil society, academia, and business on AI-related issues. She is Executive Director of Innovate Cambridge in the UK, supporting the ecosystem to drive a sustainable and inclusive innovation agenda. She is also former Chair of the UK government's AI Council and member of the Digital Economy Council. Tabitha co-founded CogX, an app, festival, and leadership summit focused on emerging technology, and Rightster, a video distribution company. In 2021, she wrote ‘How to Talk to Robots: A Girls’ Guide to a Future Dominated by AI’. 

"Tabitha’s expertise will be invaluable for advancing Luminate’s work on platform accountability, ensuring that the Big Tech companies and social media platforms put the best interests of society ahead of profit. She brings tremendous insight to our thinking on the policies and regulations that are required to ensure that generative AI is used responsibly and isn't allowed to become a turbo charger for hate and disinformation," said Stephen King, CEO of Luminate.

We look forward to the insights, energy, and expertise that Tabitha, along with our recently named Board members—Latanya Mapp Frett, Alessandra Orofino, and Theo Sowa—will bring to Luminate. These four leaders bring fresh perspectives, diverse experiences, and a shared dedication to advance our mission. We warmly welcome them and are excited about the future they will help shape.