Data & Digital Rights in Nigeria: Assessing the activities, issues and opportunities

A new report from Nigeria’s data advisory and analytics firm Stears Data provides insight into key issues in data and digital rights; effective approaches to addressing those issues; and opportunities for impact, with input from representatives in the public and private sectors, civil society, and media. 

Luminate commissioned this report and engaged Stears Data to map Nigeria’s data and digital rights landscape as part of our Data & Digital Rights impact area. This included providing an analysis of the legislative framework and the activities of the stakeholders in research, advocacy, policymaking, regulation, litigation, and data use. The research focused on the context-specific issues related to data and digital rights in Nigeria, i.e. issues with existing interest or momentum from civil society, private sector and government, and the prominent supporters of this work.

The report found that more judicial and regulatory oversight is needed to sufficiently protect free speech online and personal data, especially when government institutions are responsible for breaches.