Partner story

Q&A with Disclose's Geoffrey Livolsi

Since we started building our Western Europe portfolio in 2017, Luminate has had the chance to partner with some extraordinary people and organisations in the UK, Germany, and France. We are winding down our domestic work in Europe by the end of 2023, but before we do, we want to give space to the partners we’ve worked with to share their own perspectives on their work, what they have learnt, and what’s needed in the future.

By Geoffrey Livolsi, Founder at Disclose

1. What does Disclose do?

Disclose is the first non-profit investigative media in France. Following the model of ProPublica, we work with media partners and NGOs to expose systematic abuses, hold those in power accountable and strengthen an open and democratic civil society. Arms sales to authoritarian regimes around the world, war crime, deforestation in the Amazon, mass surveillance, and misinformation... we investigate on relevant and long-term issues in France and abroad. In face of powerful interests, investigative journalism is now more than ever a necessity for democracy. But this form of journalism requires total independence and support from philanthropy. On our website you will find our investigations in English. 

Disclose was founded by journalists Mathias Destal and Geoffrey Livolsi

2. What are the greatest lessons you've learned over the past two years?

Over the past two years, we have learned that collaboration between media outlets around the world allows for ambitious investigations with international impact. We have experienced this in investigations on deforestation in the Amazon and the environmental ravages of the food industry. We have also shown that a powerful journalism could be born from the meeting between scientific research, 3D and spatial modelling, and investigative journalism.  

3. What opportunities do you see on the horizon and what are your plans for the future?

An unprecedented opportunity to join forces between civil society, NGOs and journalists is now possible, in the service of strengthening democracy. We also hope to develop a real network between non-profit media in Europe and worldwide. This ecosystem is growing exponentially. Disclose's ambition is to become a reference investigative media around the world. 

An unprecedented opportunity to join forces between civil society, NGOs and journalists is now possible, in the service of strengthening democracy.

4. How can funders support you right now?

Many international foundations are withdrawing their support for independent media in Western Europe even as great threats approach – the far right just came far in the French presidential election, and with it a threat to the course of history in Europe and the world, and war has returned to the continent. In France, philanthropy towards the media is non-existent, concentration in the media is also increasing, and fundamental freedoms are under attack. This is why we need more than ever for international funders to continue to support our independent media.

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