Advancing Civic Empowerment in Latin America

Pulsante is a fund that will provide resources to civic initiatives across Latin America with the objective of protecting and expanding civic space in the region. It is funded through a partnership between Luminate, Fundación Avina, and the Open Society Foundations (OSF). 

Pulsante is striving for a Latin America in which all citizens can participate in the decisions that impact their lives and the future of their communities. Between 2020 and 2023, Pulsante will provide financial and non-financial support to civic empowerment leaders across Latin America with a focus on three main funding priorities: Civic Empowerment Organizations, Social Movements, and Rapid Response Campaigns.

In addition to these priority areas, Pulsante will work at the ecosystem level producing knowledge for the field, fostering spaces for peer learning, and hosting events to spark collective thinking on the future of Latin American democracy.