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Increasing the Impact of Civic Tech Platforms

By designing tools based on government needs, civic tech platforms will benefit.

OGPx: Going Local for Global Impact

By Julie McCarthy & Martin TisneOne of the first letters the Open Government Partnership (OGP) received upon its creation was from a mayor in Colombia, requesting that his city be able to participate in the initiative.…

Open Data: Casting a Digital Net to Catch the Corrupt

The Panama Papers leak, and exposure of potential corruption on a global scale, has helped reveal just how much more must be done to shine a light on the shadows where corrupt activity takes place. Data, and better use of…

Why We Invested: The B Team

Photo credit: Christopher FarberThere is a strong business case to be made for transparency and accountability. Business leadership is critical in shifting the laws, norms, standards, and practices of both government and…

Empowering Nigerians to Fight Corruption | Why We Invested: Budeshi and…

Ory Okolloh shares why we invested in two Nigeria-based organizations   that are tackling corruption and the lack of transparency around the expenditure of public funds.

Sustainability: The Opportunities for Civic Tech

Omidyar Network's Alissa Black reflects on the Knight Foundation's new report on how civic tech start-ups are seeking sustainability.

Putting local journalism back at the heart of the community

There is an oft-repeated tale of woe in local journalism. It is one of dramatic decline in availability and quality, of dwindling revenue and conglomerate ownership, and of the devastating and significant consequences of…

Reducing the spread of misinformation in Africa

We live in a growing environment of public mistrust, especially when it comes to the media, and the explosion of the number of sources of information makes deciphering what is factual, what is misinformation, and what is…
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Civil Society's Role in Open Government

The opportunities today for this active citizenship has never been greater. Mobile technology and the Internet enable us to access more information and make connections more easily than ever. We have already seen how the…
Showing 1-10 of 100 results