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Civil Society's Role in Open Government

The opportunities today for this active citizenship has never been greater. Mobile technology and the Internet enable us to access more information and make connections more easily than ever. We have already seen how the…

What’s the Point of Open Data?

I’ve been puzzling for a while how the open data community can help the many great groups that have been fighting for transparency of key money flows for the past decade and more. I think one answer may be that open data…

Why We Should Welcome a G8 Open Data Charter

Trust in government has rarely been at a lower ebb. Citizens in developed and developing countries alike feel increasingly disconnected from the political process and their political leaders. They complain of having too little…

Governance Data Alliance

We at Omidyar Network are pleased to co-sponsor the launch event for the Governance Data Alliance on April 15-16, 2014 at OpenGovHub in DC. This event will bring together the users, suppliers, and enablers of governance and…

Governance Data Alliance Update

In a fast-paced, high-energy, brilliantly-facilitated meeting in April 2014, representatives from more than 30 organizations from all over the globe gathered in Washington DC to discuss governance data. The event convened…

Finding Mr. Smith or Why Anti-corruption Needs Open Data

Anti-corruption groups have been rightly advocating for the release of information on the beneficial or real owners of companies and trust. The idea is to crack down on tax evasion and corruption by identifying the actual…

New Tool in Fighting Corruption: Open Data

Yesterday in Brisbane, the G20 threw its weight behind open data by featuring it prominently in the G20 Anti-Corruption working action plan.

Growing pains for Openness?

Through our work at Omidyar Network we see, on a daily basis, the growing tensions between competing ideals and philosophies.

Increasing the Impact of Civic Tech Platforms

By designing tools based on government needs, civic tech platforms will benefit.
Showing 1-10 of 100 results