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Our news stories cover: tackling corruption, holding governments to account in addition to investigative journalism, data and digital rights.


Read about the people who run Luminate, a philanthropic organisation including the Luminate Board of Pierre Omidyar, Pat Christen and Jeff Alvord.

Civic Empowerment

Civic empowerment - enabling people to shape the decisions that affect their lives, hold those in power to account, and access the services they need.

Financial Transparency

Financial transparency underpins strong and healthy societies, increasing accountability, tackling corruption, and ensuring public funds are spent delivering the services the public really needs.

Privacy – The Open Government Party Crasher

The NSA leaks crashed the global open government party. Don’t get me wrong – I do not think this undermines the “whole idea of open government” as someone recently claimed to me. But the open government community…

Time to open up the open government movement

It’s now eight months since the UK’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) 2013-15 National Action Plan was launched at the London OGP Summit. Over the 12 months before its launch, the action plan was developed collaboratively…

“What can OGP do for me?”

We know that the Open Government Partnership is a powerful tool to implement national-level change. Brazil enacted its Freedom of Information Law thanks to OGP...

Testing the boundaries of OGP

Are governments most likely to reform before joining an international initiative or once they have joined it?

What's In A Name?

We at Omidyar Network have long advocated the merits of opening government data. Its potential to strengthen governance, drive economic growth, and build trust is attractive for those of us working to improve the relationships…

Grant to The One Campaign Follows the Money

Omidyar Network is pleased to announce a three-year grant of up to $3m to The ONE Campaign to build the policy, advocacy and campaigning infrastructure for a global campaign on transparency and accountability.
Showing 1-10 of 100 results