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Empowering Citizens to Fight Corruption | Why We Invested: SERAP

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Program (SERAP ) plays a leading role in the long fight for transparency in Nigeria and in building jurisprudence around access to information.

Making budgets more transparent and accessible at the local level

Government budgets are at the core of development. By establishing public spending priorities, they are the government’s most powerful economic tool to meet the needs of its people, especially those who are poor and marginalized.…

In pursuit of fair and accountable AI

“How will artificial intelligence become part of our lives?”That was the guiding question asked by Kate Crawford at the AI Now 2017 Symposium held at MIT Media Lab last year. The resounding conclusion from the day’s…

Open Up?

We at Omidyar Network have long advocated the merits of opening government data. Its potential to strengthen governance, drive economic growth, and build trust is attractive for those of us working to improve the relationships…

What Can Civic Tech Learn From Social Movements?

For over a decade, Omidyar Network has been supporting and investing in the civic tech sector.  From the very early days we have backed the most talented entrepreneurs who are seeking to use technology to empower citizens…

How can civic technology help transform Brazil?

When Priscila Belfort disappeared in Rio de Janeiro, in 2004, her mother Jovita turned to the local police for help. Jovita quickly realized that the government was not properly set up to resolve cases like her daughter’s.…

Open for Business

Commissioned by Omidyar Network, Lateral Economics’ Open for Business report is the first study to quantify and illustrate the potential of open data to help the G20 achieve its 2% economic growth target.Read the Report

The Impact of Open Data – Initial Findings from Case Studies

GovLab’s Andrew Young discusses GovLab’s and Omidyar Network's collaboration on a series of open data case studies designed to provide a detailed examination of the various ways open data is being used around the world.

Open Data: Six Stories About Impact in the UK

Case studies commissioned by Omidyar Network explore if the promise and potential of open data are being realized.

Strengthening Kenyan Media: Exploring a Path Towards Journalism in the…

Omidyar Network, in partnership with social innovation agency Reboot, has today released a research report evaluating the state of the media in Kenya.
Showing 1-10 of 100 results