Fundacja Reporterów

Impact area Independent Media
Geographic focus Central & Eastern Europe
Status Current Partner
Type Non-Profit
In 2010, Paweł Reszka, Wojciech Cieśla, Michał Majewski and Roman Daszczyński got together to support journalism in the Eastern Partnership countries and created Fundacja Reporterów – the Reporters Foundation, one of the first journalistic NGO’s in Poland. In 2010 they decided to help journalists from various post-soviet countries, from Ukraine to Azerbaijan. For the first few years they trained people, among those who joined the Foundation’s projects are leading journalists in their countries (Kristina Berdinskich, Anna Babiniec, Dymitr Gnap) who have worked on well-known publications, such as the award-winning Yanukovych Leaks project.

Funding details

Primary impact area
Geographic focus
Amount committed (US$)
Fundacja Reporterow 2021 grant
Independent Media
Central & Eastern Europe
24 months
US$ 160,000

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