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Our team are located and work in the same countries as our partners.

The team

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Salmana  Ahmed
Salmana Ahmed
Toyin  Akinniyi
Toyin Akinniyi
Principal (Representative)
Isadora  Amaral
Isadora Amaral
Associate (Representative)
Laura  Bacon
Laura Bacon
Director, Partner Support
Joseph  Bateman
Joseph Bateman
Kecia  Bertermann
Kecia Bertermann
Director of Learning & Impact
Alissa  Black
Alissa Black
Carrie  Boyle
Carrie Boyle
Senior Grants Manager
Juliana  Câmara
Juliana Câmara
Regional Communications Manager (Representative)
Claire  Davis
Claire Davis
Senior Director, People, Culture & Global Support
Nafi  Diouf
Nafi Diouf
Director, Communications (Representative)
Stacy  Donohue
Stacy Donohue
Executive Vice President
Amira  El-Sayed
Amira El-Sayed
Robyn  Ellis
Robyn Ellis
Manager, Strategy & Insights
Felipe  Estefan
Felipe Estefan
Vice President
Sophie  Exton
Sophie Exton
People, Culture & Global Support Coordinator
Maureen  Gachomo
Maureen Gachomo
Global Support Coordinator
Rafael  Georges
Rafael Georges
Principal (Representative)
Stan  Getui
Stan Getui
Shaila  Gupta
Shaila Gupta
Vice President
Gabriela  Hadid
Gabriela Hadid
Director (Representative)
Swee Leng Harris
Swee Leng Harris
Director, Litigation
Caitlin  House
Caitlin House
Funding Operations Manager
Melanie  Hui
Melanie Hui
Vice President (Representative)
Stephen  King
Stephen King
Nkirote  Koome
Nkirote Koome
Nishant  Lalwani
Nishant Lalwani
Vice President
David  Madden
David Madden
Head of Innovation
Barb  Mickits
Barb Mickits
Senior Manager, Communications
Gregs  Miller
Gregs Miller
Funding Operations Manager
Hoodo  Mohamed
Hoodo Mohamed
General Counsel
Kristel  Muciño
Kristel Muciño
Valary  Mumbo
Valary Mumbo
Gregg  Mwendwa
Gregg Mwendwa
Principal, Partner Support
Abdul  Noormohamed
Abdul Noormohamed
Vice President
Jim  Peacock
Jim Peacock
Senior Director, Strategic Communications
Megan  Power
Megan Power
Executive Assistant
Dinita  Putri
Dinita Putri
Director (Representative)
Francesca  Rios
Francesca Rios
Office Manager & Executive Assistant
Juan Pablo  Ruiz
Juan Pablo Ruiz
Associate (Representative)
Ben  Scott
Ben Scott
Executive Director, Reset
Victoria  Shennan
Victoria Shennan
Office Manager
Nicole  Simmons
Nicole Simmons
People Operations Manager
Sean  Suthagaran
Sean Suthagaran
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Manager
Martin  Tisné
Martin Tisné
Vice President
Gauri  van Gulik
Gauri van Gulik
Director (Representative)
Kitty  von Bertele
Kitty von Bertele
Stephanie  Wairimu
Stephanie Wairimu
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Molly  Waiting
Molly Waiting
Deputy General Counsel
Winnie  Wanyama
Winnie Wanyama
Senior Accountant
Wilfred  Yartey
Wilfred Yartey
Financial Controller